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We Wrote a Love Letter to the City of Atlanta

We partnered with ChooseATL to create a project that's like a gift for city and everybody in it, with Amojis that celebrate icons around town.

The Best Parts of Atlanta in One App

The Amoji Project is made by Atlantans for Atlantans as a way to celebrate everything we love about our city with the world. Amoji is a living, ever-evolving project with new sets launched seasonally for Atlanta in general, and for organizations like Atlanta United, Georgia Aquarium and more.

User Experience

The flow needed to be quick and simple, with a brief instruction into the app and the ability to flow seamlessly between the app the system keyboard with Amoji stickers. 

The Platform

We developed Amoji to function as an integrated keyboard on iOS. A user simply needs download the app to begin using the Amoji stickers in messenger. 

The Amojis

We worked alongside the ChooseATL team to develop a look and feel that could scale easily into many city icons and be simple enough to work at many sizes. We launched with an initial Atlanta set of Amojis and have since expanded to offer many other sets for local organizations and events. 

Get Amojis Today

It’s free for Apple. Tap to download the app and start spreading the ATL love.

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