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Changing Lives One Bite at a Time

Eating is an essential part of development — and a serious source of stress — for kids and parents at the Children's Healthcare Feeding Program. Our app helps them overcome that.

Making Basic Nutrition Attainable

Not being able to eat is one of the most fundamental problems a human can face — especially a tiny human, who needs nourishment to grow and develop. At the most basic level, we considered how to help overcome this problem — from both nutritional and personal perspectives.

CHOA’s on-premises feeding program is designed specifically for parents and children with significant feeding disorders. We partnered with them to create an app that can be used on-site by care givers and offsite by parents, bringing the expertise, knowledge and acumen online. While CHOA can only serve a limited number of children in Atlanta, our platform has the potential to serve millions of children everywhere.

Making an Emotional Connection

How things feel emotionally and physically is a huge part of mealtime, as is the bond between child and caregiver. For the look and feel of Full Bellies app, we explored this bond, and what it feels like to instill a basic nutritional foundation in a child’s life. With a bit of texture and color — as well as a more whimsical, emotional style — we found the building blocks to tell the Full Bellies story.

UX with a Purpose

We created a robust UX prototype that fleshed out the features and functions included in the Full Bellies app, with an eye toward simplifying an incredibly complicated process. We formulated the Full Bellies user flow to provide a helping hand in the midst of meal-time, but also set up intentional space for celebration and encouragement. 

Finding the Look

To resonate with our audiences, we explored the different colors, shapes and textures that comprise a healthy diet, and how the building blocks of that diet are what build a healthy human being. We then considered the learning process and the step-by-step nature of how the Feeding Program works. Based on all this, we breathed life into the foods, tools and situations that make up meal time — and thus the Feeding Program — by using the building blocks to tell the story of how what it takes to get to a full belly. 

The App Today

Full Bellies is up and running, and in testing with parents and caregivers. We’re excited to see how it changes lives and evolves in the coming months.