Narwhal Digital
Jennifer Ready / Apr 20 2016
Even carpenter bees count.

We saved a bee today. He was a big bubble of a carpenter bee, bouncing against our conference room window looking damaged. We found his brother on the floor earlier in the day, so we felt especially bad for this one. We contemplated squishing him, to save ourselves from the constant buzzing and to put him out of his misery — but we couldn’t do that. Besides, when you believe that good goes around, you’ve gotta do right by those around you. So we caught our bee in a cup and released him into the wild — and he never looked back.

Doing good is gratifying. It’s not about putting in volunteer hours or donating money to your favorite cause — although those are certainly good things to do. For us, doing good is about not being lazy. It’s about taking the time to do what you know is right or to help someone out, even when you don’t want to. It’s about putting good out in the world, without a thought of how it’ll come back to you.

“Good goes around” is a state of mind that applies to work and life. It’s core to what we do at Narwhal, and it’s ingrained in the people we hire. We want happy people, healthy client relationships, open dialogue and kind interactions. Fundamentally, we believe business comes down to people — and when you make every effort to do right by all the people in your life, you’ll find that next time you really need help, somebody just might be willing to save you, too.