Narwhal Digital
Vic Pandya / Jul 11 2016

Yes, the year is 2016 but there are no real surprises in this chart below. B2B Marketers continue to chase their top two goals – lead generation and customer engagement. Although, these goals have been the same for marketers, the customer preferences and technology landscape has changed the approach to achieving these two goals. It is not about hiring sales people and making cold calls any more. We have discovered an effective approach that works – Content Marketing. More and more brands are using their websites, white papers, videos, blogs, social channels, and marketing automation tools to achieve these goals.

Why has content marketing become huge in the last few years? … because customers are clearly looking for brands to establish that they know their potential customer’s problems and show expertise in solving these problems. We see lot of brands confuse content marketing with having a robust blog and product videos. That is not enough… brands have to show thought leadership. You have to invest in content that shows that you are experts in your industry. Work on publishing a steady stream of white papers, e-books, case studies and webinars. Not only do they show knowledge and expertise, it is also content that engages customers and potential customers. Also, support these knowledge content pieces with blogs, videos, and infographics for maximum impact and reach. Publish these on your website and distribute the links via online and social channels. If this content strategy is implemented effectively, you will see organic gains in brand awareness, website traffic and search engine rankings.